Our Mission

“Together We Are Strong”

The Own It Institute of Canada is a non-profit organization focused on mentorship and community building. We believe no one should be alone and strive to bring people of all backgrounds together to “own” the issues that exist within our local community and beyond. The organization was founded by members of the Muslim community with the common goal to help all those in need by mobilizing resources and developing strategic partnerships between all Canadians.

Our Programs

  • Mentorship: As an associate of the Alberta Mentoring Partnership, our program trains and matches mentors with needy mentees including: students, newcomers and families facing challenges. There is also the opportunity to pursue a certification program facilitated by the Institute and its strategic partners.
  • Community Response: Throughout the year our organization runs numerous fundraisers to assist organizations dealing with persons in adverse conditions. This includes the collection, purchase and delivery of clothing, supplies and food items.
  • Community Building Events: The Own It Institute of Canada hosts a number of events each year to unite the local community and embrace our diversity in a fun, family-oriented atmosphere.
  • Students’ Chapter: Our students’ chapter is based out of the University of Calgary. It is focused on academic mentorship and networking amongst peers.